iron in well water

iron in well water
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iron in well water

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How iron effects hair:

Iron in Well Water: Iron is usually found in well water, in those areas that have concentrations of iron in the ground. Concentrations of iron will slowly cause your hair to color to become darker. Iron can also add weight to your hair, and prevent proper chemical processing (changing hair color perming or straightening results).  Iron will change your  hair color. It's the iron in well water  and the iron in the hard water turning hair orange with prolonged or repeated exposure. Usually light-colored hair turns orange and darker colored hair become darker with red highlights. Oxidized iron actually functions as an oxidizer in your hair. It may cause an excessive dry feeling in the hair and may actually change the textural appearance of the hair and hair style.

  • Iron leaves hair feeling dry, brittle & heavy (weighted down).
  • Iron causes hair to lack shine, your hair appears dull or flat looking.
  • Iron can cause dark hair to look darker and  lighter (light brown to blonde) hair to turn orange.
  • Iron can inhibit the proper processing of perms, color, highlights, and relaxers/straighteners

     Home Iron in Well Water System for your hair

iron in well water before treatment
iron in well water - after treatment

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Un-do the build up
in salon or
at home treatment

Daily Maintenance Treatments

Weekly Home Mini Treatment

Monthly at
in salon or
at home treatment

Malibu Make Over Well Water Action Shampoo

Well Water Action Conditioner

At home weekly treatment  iron in well water treatment - weekly

Hard Water Weekly Demineralizer treatment

Malibu Make Over
    For damaged hair
follow your at home
mini-treatment with-
Malibu 2000
Power Protein Builder

This wellness approach uses nature's own Vitamin C and Vitamin E for hair exposed to iron in well water:iron in well water kit

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The Making Water Well Kit Contains:

  • 1-9oz Well Water Action Shampoo

  • 1-9oz Well Water Action Conditioner

  • 4- 

  • Hard Water Weekly Wellness Actives
             (Hard Water Weekly Demineralizers)

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