calcium in well water

calcium in well water

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calcium in well water
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calcium in well water

Water hardness is determined by the level of calcium that is in the water.
This mineral is in most of the water in the United States and unfortunately, causes serious problems not usually recognized by most people. Mineralized calcium is found naturally in the ground, especially where limestone is present. Calcium (also known as lime) is injected into most water systems as part of the water treatment process. Calcium effects your hair and often gets help from other minerals. See hard water hair for more information.

calcium in well water:  Five ways calcium effects hair:

  1. Calcium causes hair to feel dry and lack shine and volume.
  2. Calcium can prevent the proper processing of color, highlights, perms or relaxer/straighteners.
  3. Calcium can cause a perm to appear relaxed.
  4. Calcium builds up on the scalp causing flaking of the scalp, giving the appearance of dandruff.
  5. Calcium can choke the hair at the mouth of the follicle causing the hair to break off, then coating the scalp, blocking further new hair growth.

Solution -

The Malibu 2000  wellness approach uses nature's own Vitamin C and Vitamin E for hair exposed to hard water to:

  • Remove build up of minerals and oxidizers that can cause adverse affects on hair.
                   see - Malibu Make Over
  • Prevent dryness caused by minerals and chlorine.
  • Restore shine, moisture and manageability to hair.
  • Remove discoloration caused by iron or copper.
                    see - Iron in Well Water
  • Unclog calcium from hair follicle that can cause dry, flaky scalp tissue.
  • Help prevent further build up of minerals and oxidizers.
                    see Well Water  (Hard Water) Hair Products
  • Ensure proper processing of color, perms, & relaxers  
                    see (Malibu Make Over and  Weekly Demineralizer Treatment)
  • Order Well Water Shampoo
                    (this shampoo helps get the calcium from the water our of your hair)
  • Order Hard Water Shampoo
                    (You can blame on "hard water" or "well water" but the calcium is the real culprit to blame)

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calcium in well water
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