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Solving hair problems caused  by Hard Water & Well Water as well as  Swimmers Hair problems.

Hard water, or more correctly water hardness, is determined by the level of calcium that is in your water. Calcium is "picked up" by the water naturally, from the ground or, is put into your water by your water treatment plant (as it helps control chlorine levels). You can help your hair overcome hard water problems at home, in your shower, with Malibu hair care products and EC Mode Hair Products. While calcium is the element that determines hardness of your water, there can be many other "gremlins"  (better known as minerals & chlorine) in water that effect the texture, volume, shine, control and health of hair. (Click on calcium or gremlins for more information.)

Over 85% of the population in the U.S. (Water Quality Association numbers), are bathing with and drinking hard water. While hard water is fine for drinking, it can cause many problems for your hair, scalp and skin including hard water hair
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. (<<---click to see the symptoms & solutions for hard water hair)

The water you use to wash your hair, scalp, and skin comes from one of three sources:

When hard water is delivered to your tap
your choices are:
  1. do nothing,
  2. install a system to soften all of your the water in your house or
  3. use products specifically formulated to work with hard water like Malibu Well Water Shampoo.

Ground Water Surface Water Blended Water
If your water comes from the ground, it is either from your own well, or from the local treatment plant that derives the water from wells pumping water from the ground. The source of ground water is from water passing through aquifers, which contain minerals. The acidity (pH below 7) of the rain increases the dissolving effect of the water making it easier to "grab onto" the minerals. These dissolved solids are found in the water when pumped above the ground and delivered to you faucet.


If your water comes from the treatment plant which derives the water from a surface source. The water is coming from either a river or a lake. Surface water usually contains less minerals because the water has not filtered down through the mineral layers. However, increasing populations are polluting the water causing additional bacteria growth. As a result, the treatment plants must add more chlorine to kill bacteria and then add lime (a calcium compound) to help control the chlorine levels. If your water comes from a blended system you have the the best and the worst of both the Ground Water (Well Water) and the Surface Water



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